1.8 Pre-CTM Update.

In the interest of getting this out, here’s the 1.8 update sans any MCpatcher features included. Currently MCpatcher is trying to catch up to 1.8 and is still in a bit of a buggy beta. I will update this pack again with the reintroduction of these features once MCpatcher is stable.

You can find the download on the Revival page.

1.7 + Creative CTM Update.

It’s late, but it’s here! The 1.7 compatibility update and the inclusion of nearly 145 new blocks added to extra metadata. The use of WorldEdit and MCPatcher‘s Connected Textures mod is required to utilize the new, extra blocks. For info on how to do this, look up how to change a block’s metadata using WorldEdit’s //set command on their wiki. A temporary list of added blocks can be found in this google doc.

Download the 1.7 update at the Revival page!

I’m afraid I don’t have a changelog to post, as this update has been worked on sparingly over the past few months, and amid all the changes and additions I totally lost track of what changed. To make up for that, here’s an image showing off all the new blocks added to metadatas.



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Revival 1.6 update

Sorry it’s a week late, but better late than never! Go download it on the Revival page!


  • Better ice colors.
  • Fixed activated detector rail texture.
  • Biome based glowstone
  • Changed wool to reflect wool.
  • New sandstone
  • Added some color variety to leaves
  • Tweaked quartz colors to better match other blocks
  • Added darker sand in appropriate biomes
  • Added log CTMs


  • Record_wait


  • Added 1.6 Support
  • Added jungle sky color back.
  • New 2×2 Painting.
  • Hopper GUI

Revival 1.5 Release

Revival 1.5 update! Besides all the new 1.5 bullshit, I added all new biomes and biome tinted blocks. With the 1.5 texture pack conversion and MCpatcher’s 1.5 conversion, there’s room for a lot of bugs. If you find anything let me know so I can fix it.


  • Redstone block.
  • Redstone chests.
  • Daylight detector.
  • Redstone comparator.
  • Hopper.
  • Nether ore.
  • Lessened contrast on emerald block.
  • Unique carrot growth stages.
  • Unique potato growth stages.
  • Activator rails.
  • Dropper faces (top/bottom, side)
  • Fixed lava animation.
  • Fixed water animation.
  • Fixed candle and torch animation. (Thanks to Wilson for fixing this for me!)


  • Nether brick item.
  • Redstone comparator item.
  • Quartz ore item.
  • Minecart with TNT item.
  • Minecart with Hopper item.
  • Hopper item.
  • Fixed clock animation.
  • Fixed compass animation.


  • New menu background.
  • Hopper GUI.
  • New animal themeed status effect icons.


  • Removed leaves CTM.
  • Added CTM for new gold pressure plate.
  • Added CTM for new iron pressure plate.
  • Added CTM for new quartz block.
  • Added CTM for new quartz slab top.
  • Added CTM for new quartz chiseled block.
  • Fixed crop CTMs for new carrot and potato growths
  • Switched textures around for birch wood / slabs.
  • New CTM for netherbrick fence.
  • Rewrote all the CTM files for better oranization and management.
  • New mossy cobblestone.
  • New biome dependant sugar cane textures.


  • New biome colors and block tints.
  • Better biome water due to non-gray water.

Texture Packs: New and Old

Revival & Variants

I did it! I finally found a serious upside to the new 1.5 texture pack format! Texture pack “mods” in the form of “patches”. Let me explain:

  • In 1.5 the texture pack format is being changed. This doesn’t mean much for the players, but it means quite a lot to the artists. Right now all of the block art for the game is on a single image called terrain.png. In 1.5, that single image is being split up into a bunch of different files for each block. For example, there will be a dirt.png and a cobble.png and a stone.png, etc.
  • Because of this new format, it’s incredibly easy to overwrite only certain textures. For example, if you had your own cobblestone textures you really preferred over mine, updating my pack each time would only require you to drag and drop a single cobble.png into the right folder. Before 1.5, you would have to download the pack, open up terrain.png in an image editor, move your custom texture over and save it. Very cumbersome. Using this idea I can…
  • Create new texture pack variants using this texture patch idea. I could create a creative variant of Revival without having to manage an entirely new texture pack and keep track of changes to Revival so I can apply them to Revival Creative.
  • To put it in simpler terms, I can easily make new texture packs based on Revival without much more work on my end.

If you have any questions you can reach me in one of my forum threads or message me on twitter @The_SMP.

2263’s Future

In trying to keep 2263 up to date, it’s become apparent that it’s a much more complicated job than I previously thought (calm down, I’m not abandoning it!).  For example, in 1.5 a new sunlight detector block was added that would have been perfect for my solar panel block, but the solar panel block already exists and is attached to the stone half block. What do I do there? I don’t want to change it and mess up everyone’s builds, but there’s really not much else I can make with that sunlight detector.

With 1.5 texture changes and the mod api looming, I’ve been toying with the idea of instead turning 2263 into a mod. Not a big feature packed mod like IndustrialCraft or whatever, it’d be more like a block expansion pack with a sci-fi theme. Of course this wouldn’t happen until the mod api is released. Doing this opens up many new opportunities too, no longer being restricted to existing block functionality (like only certain blocks giving light) and variants (only some blocks having stairs/slabs).  I could expand beyond just space stations/ships and add textures for sci-fi city textures as well.

At this point it’s all up in the air for now and nothing is set in stone, but I thought I should warn everyone starting a megaproject about this.

01/05/13 Updates

I’ve updated Revival with some fixes, new CTMs and other minor changes like weather and stuff. 2263 is updated with the relevant textures.



  • New CTM texture for double netherbrick slab.
  • Added random ctm featured in other netherbrick blocks to the slabs.
  • New CTM randomized textures for mossy big bricks.


  • Added 8-way CTMs for all the mushroom blocks.


  • New snowfall.
  • New rainfall.
  • New fireworks particles.
  • New rain particles.


  • Fixed brown pixel on inc sac.



  • New snowfall.
  • New rainfall.
  • New fireworks particles.
  • New rain particles.


  • Fixed brown pixel on inc sac.

Minecraft 1.5 Updates, CTM & You

Mojang recently announced at Minecon that they would be switching the format for texture packs in the upcoming 1.5 update. Instead of having all the textures be on terrain.png  (for blocks) and items.png (for items), each block will have its own unique texture file (sand.png, dirt.png for example). This means that when the 1.5 update hits, I will have to change the format of my texture pack and it will break any compatibility with previous versions of Minecraft. I highly suggest you backup your texture packs if you plan on staying on ~1.4.6. The upside to this is that the game will natively support 32x textures and texture animation in vanilla.

The downside is that it may break the Connected Textures Mod feature in MCPatcher. It may not though, depending on how the MCPatcher developer handles it. Right now CTM works the same way Minecraft used to, with all of the relevant custom textures on one (or two, or three, etc.) .png, using text files to specify which texture on each .png to use. There’s no real reason for the developer to change the way this works, but it’s a definite possibility. In the case this happens, any updates will take a bit longer to push out, as I’ll have to rewrite a whole bunch of configuration files. I hear rumors of Dinnerbone promising to add CTM to the vanilla game too, but I can’t find any confirmation.

Website launched

It’s about time these texture packs got a website! The site is still brand new and a bit of a WIP, so things might bug out for now. If you have any questions or comments, the best place to get in touch with me is by posting a reply in the texture pack’s thread.

Revival | 2263